About Dorothy Nicholson

bright star holiday drive
Mayor Mike Gonnelli and Dorothy Nicholson for Bright Star’s Holiday Drive for Homeless Veterans

I am a 20-year resident of Secaucus (my mother and father were teachers in Parsippany and Ridgewood for over 40 years).  I founded a non-profit corporation (Bright Star) to help American Veterans transition from the United States military to forward-looking careers within the company deploying the newest, leading-edge solutions. To date I have educated, coached and put to work over 100 veterans, many of whom were homeless.

Every holiday season I and my team of veterans conduct a drive for homeless veterans. Last year Mayor Mike Gonnelli became one of our heroes!

I have over 20 years experience working with departments of education, police departments, county clerk’s offices, city administrator’s offices, prosecutors’ offices, code enforcement offices, surrogates offices, division of welfare offices and many more. I and my skilled team of veterans help our customers improve how they get things done. We shows government how to modernize processes and technologies so they can meet the needs of their constituency faster, better and at less of a cost.

I’ve looked up to of my mom and dad because they were dedicated to the children they taught.  Both my parents had advanced degrees in teaching and special education.  That’s why I’ve always had a desire to help create a forward-thinking education system and to give teachers, who are the best and most wonderful asset in any school system, a say…a say in how the educational system is sculpted…a say in how we build a dynamic and exciting learning environment and a say in how they advance their own knowledge in modern technology and teaching approaches so that they are brilliant role-models to our children.

I have Bachelor’s degree in psychology with concentration in theology. I studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming at the NLP Center of NYC from 1986-1989. I also studied Benchmarking at the University of Chicago, and Research and Analytics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I did my graduate work in Business Administration at William Paterson University and NYU.

I resides in Secaucus with my husband and daughter who attends Clarendon Elementary School. I have a “rescued” animal family including a bearded dragon name Charlotte and a bird named Alice.


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